In march 2016 came out our last CD,

Les indignés

disco CBG2 FINAL

Ellery Eskelin on tenor, Guillermo Celano on guitar, Clemens van der Feen on bass and Marcos Baggianion drums.

Hereby some recent reviews of the album:

“Their blend of diverse styles brims with suspense… The music tells a vivid story without any words. Enjoy!”

Jan Willem Broek, march 2016, subjectivist. nl

“You listen, as it were with the musicians, discovering what is possible in all within this combination of world-class musical personalities”

Herman te Loo, JazzFlits No 255, march 2016.

“The music never loses its heat , impressionistic collective passages are followed by powerful solos”.

Cyriel Pluimakers, Jazzenzo, march 2016.


The new C.B.G and the North sea jazz composition assignment


In 2013 Guillermo Celano won The North sea jazz composition assignment 2013 and he decided to bring together a new C.B.G with: Joachim Badenhorst on tenor sax, clarinet and bass clarinet and Clemens van der Feen on double bass

The project called “Erasing Borders” comes from Guillermo’s reflection on this human reality –the borders- and its conceptual expansion in the daily life as well as its political, economical and musical consequences.


Erasing Borders (Trytone 2015)

“Celano spices his cohesive compositions with stylistic quirks, creating intensely melodic and refreshing frameworks for improvisation – a rare gift…”Amsterdamse Chacarera” mixes chacarera with Dutch new jazz – Argentine melancholy and nuevo tango make for a surging apotheosis of dance”… The Wire. Andy Hamilton, United Kingdom, july 2015

 “The concert ends with a sudden turn from a seemingly unfathomable (abysmal) orgy into a peaceful interaction

Het Parool – Jan Jasper Tamboer – Bimhuis 12/7/13


A bit of history


Celano and Baggiani meet in 2001 in Amsterdam and a clear musical click put them immediately on the railways of a long term collaboration, immerse in the eclectic Amsterdam’s jazz/impro scene.




Figuras was their first CD production with Natalio Sued on tenor sax, Rodrigo Reijers on bass and Florien Hamer on cello; released in 2005 by BAU records.

“G. Celano and M. Baggiani… have done a CD where apparently simple ideas create the space for sophisticated developments, colored by the reminiscence of tango and folk rhythms” Jonio González, Cuadernos de Jazz – Madrid, Spain, June 2006

Simple Songs


A year after, the band moved to a new constellation with Michael Moore on reeds and Sven Schuster on Double Bass.  Their first CD with this new line up (and the second on the band’s career) is Simple Songs (2006 MDR records). Its name says something about the music: simple, clear and direct.

To support this release, They organized a tour in Argentina and The Netherlands.

“The Celano Baggiani Group left us astonished. This quartet built around a guitarist and a drummer from Argentina begins from simple melodic ideas. From there it grows slowly towards a whole exciting and complex music, which at the same time remains still melodic”. Kindamuzik, Sven Schlijper; (live at Paradox) Tilburg 24-09-08

Nothing Changes


Nothing Changes (2008) is the name of their third CD and the debut on the Dutch label Trytone. Deepening in their musical ideas, the band with Michael Moore and Sven Schuster counts now with the special collaboration of the Spanish tenor player Gorka Benitez.

More elaborated than the previous one, this material has a mature and richer sound.

“The improvisations really become integral part of the composition; as much that it is difficult to draw a line between the written parts and the inventions of the moment. This is a doubtless value that attests the perfect cohesion of the group. A great album! ****”. P. Peviani, All About Jazz. May 2009

To present this CD the band organizes a tour in Spain and Netherlands. This consolidates the band as quintet and opens the chances for a new recording with the same line up and at the same time, the band takes a new path on its music.



Alienology is Their 4th CD and 2nd under Trytone Records (2010).

The 2 main acceptations of it’s title reflect in a personal side the reality of these “foreign” musicians and musically it represents a clear steer towards a “postmodern” impro music, “an alien for the traditional jazz world” if you will.

“Their 4th CD is a ruff melange of lovely melodies, driving rock and free jazz full of beautiful fragments; thanks to the fine grooves of M. Baggiani, excellent team work of the reeds (M. Moore and G. Benitez) and sofisticated accompaniment of G. Celano.” Tim Sprangers, Volkskrant, januari 2011

Celano and Baggiani have demonstrated persistent creativity worthy of greater acclaim. Alienology is an exceptional offering of sophisticated modern jazz and a noteworthy album by any measure. Troy Collins – pointofdeparture – Issue 35 – USA, June 2011

 “The association with many different styles gives birth to a very postmodern impro music, still kept together by the great cohesive power of their music…Thanks to their original sound, G. Celano and M. Baggiani remind always surprising players. * * * * * ”  Jazzism – Ken vos – May/June 2011

Ellery Eskelin and Sylvie Courvoisier


CBG meets Sylvie Courboisier & Ellery Eskelin – 2011

Meantime the band has repeatedly tour in Festivals and Podia around Europe and South America.

In 2011 and supported by Trytone’s music kitchen project, the C.B.G. sets up a tour together with duo Ellery Eskelin and Sylvie Courvoisier.  A musical joint venture that became one of the climax of the artistic experiences of the group.

“They mix structure with improvisation and have proven to be very good at it, in a sense that they connect virtuosity and musical knowledge with adventurousness.” Maartje den Breejen, Live at the Bimhuis october 2011. Het Parool, 14/10 2011

The C.B.G. puts your fantasy to work from the beginning to the end. …the Group also displays a power-jazz where you can shout: yeah!
Jazzism – Nederland – Nov 2011


Lead by guitarist Guillermo Celano and drummer Marcos Baggiani the band has released 6 CD’s, with some great international players, including Michael Moore (NL-USA), Gorka Benitez (ES),  Ellery Eskelin (USA), Joachim Badenhorst and Natalio Sued (Arg) and Clemens van der Feen.

“The group boasts a mercurial mélange of styles that is as diverse as the ethnic backgrounds of its personnel… Celano and Baggiani’s respective knack for integrating multiple genres into a cohesive writing style facilitates a wide spectrum of sonic possibilities”

Point of departure – Issue 35 – USA, June 2011