Carnet Imaginaire

Wolfert Brederode – piano // Joachim Badenhorst – clarinet, bass clarinet & tenor sax// Guillermo Celano – guitar// Marcos Baggiani – drums

Carnet Imaginaire Low

“Carnet Imaginaire… Truly contemporary jazz”

Ben Taffijn – Nieuwe Noten


Argentinean tour & album presentation

July and August 2017

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30 | Celano/Baggiani duo. Kuai Records’ Festival. Roseti. Buenos Aires

28 | Celano/Andrada/Baggiani. L’ecole. Córdoba.

27 | Celano/Andrada/Baggiani. Polaroid. Villa María (Cdba.) Cristian Andrada – db bs

26 | Celano/Baggiani duo. All Free – ciclo de improvisación. Universidad de Rosario (Sta. Fe)


6 | Garvie/Celano/Merlo/Baggiani. Banfield Teatro Ensamble. Province of Buenos Aires

5 | Jodos/Celano/Baggiani. Virasoro Trasnoche. Cdad. de Buenos Aires.

3, 4 | Celano/Delasaleta/Baggiani. Workshop on Improvisation + concert. Mingus Café. Mar del Plata. (Buenos Aires). Martín Delasaleta – db bs

2 | C.B.G CD presentation. Centro Cultural Kirchner, Ciudad de Buenos Aires (AR) Valentín Garvie – tr, Rodrigo Dominguez – t sx, Hernán Merlo – db bs

Presenting our new CD: Una Noche en Bimhuis (Kuai Music)

“The result is unmitigated personality.  Songs often reveal traits not immediately hinted at, and the initial direction a tune takes is rarely the same it ends with.  This live set at Amsterdam’s famed Bimhuis is free and unbound and strangely tuneful when least you’d expect it.”      Bird is the Worm     21/8/17

CBG una noche en Bimhuis


Michael Moore, Joachim Badenhorst and Natalio Sued on Reeds, Clemens van der Feen on double bass, Marcos Baggiani on drums and me.


About our album “Erasing Borders” (2015)


“Erasing Borders, seven Celano compositions reflecting the human and ecological consequences of our lifestyle. Unlike obvious musical propagandists like Phil Ochs or Frederic Rzewski, Celano doesn’t use lyrics or melodrama to make his point. Instead his writing is concerned with nuance and suggestion”.

Ken Waxman, New York City Jazz Record. May 2016

“Celano spices his cohesive compositions with stylistic quirks, creating intensely melodic and refreshing frameworks for improvisation – a rare gift…”Amsterdamse Chacarera” mixes chacarera with Dutch new jazz – Argentine melancholy and nuevo tango make for a surging apotheosis of dance”…

The Wire. Andy Hamilton, United Kingdom, july 2015

“Erasing Borders is C.B.G.’s  fifth album, and testament to their maturity as a unit”….

Dalston Sound, Tim Owen, United Kingdom, july 2015.

“Strangely attractive music, first, for its happenstance, wild demeanor, and then with the passing of time, for the unexpected turns of phrase and tone that keeps the music fresh and exciting.”

This is jazz today, sept 2015, USA. Dave Sumner.


Guitarist Guillermo Celano is the winner of the North Sea Jazz composition assingment 2013.

North Sea Jazz Festival 2013

The C.B.G.  presented Celano’s new compositions in july 2013 at the Bimhuis and the North Sea Jazz Festival with an adventurous new constellation: Joachim Badenhorst on tenor sax, clarinet and bass clarinet

and with Clemens van der Feen on double bass.

The project is called: Erasing Borders

“From almost unfathomable orgy to peaceful interaction…”
Jan Jasper Tamboer – Het Parool – 12/7/13 Jazz ****