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“The amalgam of styles and the genre-bending are characteristic of this group of musicians.
Musical categories are abandoned and boundaries overruled.
Surprisingly, pianist Wolfert Brederode has been added to the trio.This is remarkable … the ECM artist is a breed improviser who holds up tightly within this remarkable combo. His contributions are adventurous and effective “
Concert review Paradox – Louis Obbens – DraaiOmJeOren



BBC | Benitez-Baggiani-Celano


CD Presentation October 2019

Oct 25 |  BBCJamboree, Barcelona. Catalunya.

Oct 24 | BBC, Bilbaina, Bilbao, País Vasco (ES)

Gorka Benitez – Saxo tenor
Guillermo Celano – guitarra

Marc Baggiani – batería



Our first CD is out in July 2018 by CleanFeed!

Lili 928 KB.png

Joachim Badenhorst – clarinet, bass clarinet & tenor sax// Guillermo Celano – guitar// Marcos Baggiani – drums

“Jazz full of humor from Amsterdam!
The music was eclectic and postmodern and the result was a quite blatantly applause.
Some compositions come from their own pen, while others are finely crafted from pieces by such diverse authors as Misha Mengelberg or the modern classic György Ligeti.
Conclusion: A fine, in the best sense entertaining concert with musicians, which you will surely hear in the next years at the big European festivals”.
Live concert Reviewed by Nachrichten, Austria, 20 januari 2019.

“This is smart and interesting music. Modern jazz with a very open perspective.
The three artists meet for a wonderful journey through the land of music, touching on a number of musical influences through their compositions, and adding joyous improvisations welcoming other cultures and people and sounds into their idiom. The music is genre-bending, with little tunes and compositions that sound vaguely familiar, as if taken from our common unconscious and reformated into something more modern and exciting.” Stef Gijssels, january 2019 Free jazz Blog (****1/2)

“You hear 3 sound magicians who, to their heart’s content, search for the unexplored areas, looking for the ultimate structures that can give them and the listener the necessary pleasure. Anyone who has already wandered around the labyrinths of these borderline sound manipulators should definitely experience the band live”.Georges Tonla Briquet. December 2018, Let’s talk jazz magazine. Belgium

 The sound of the trio is almost like their presence itself, deeply human. Together, they create a unique music world in which we can trip through time amid our own emotions”. Sightsong, Japan, december 2018

“The perpetual challenge of reconciling the embraceable passages with those more abrupt and acerbic is a limitless source of fun and intrigue.”Birth is the worm, Dave Sumner, U.S.A. december 2018.

The new album, which is released by the Portuguese label Clean Feed, elaborates on previous work, but it all sounds more intense, compact and mature.”  Herman Te Loo, JazzFlits sept 2018, NL.


An euphonious birthday”
More than ten years ago guitarist Guillermo Celano and percussionist Marcos Baggiani formed C.B.G (or Celano/Baggiani Group) a collective of varying constellations… Time for a party with few of the musicians they have played together in the last years and with whom they have rele
ased six CDs: reed players Joachim Badenhorst and Michael Moore, bassist Clemens van der Feen and saxophonist Natalio Sued as a surprise guest…
… with a pleased heart we walked out into the night.
Ben Taffijn 11.7.16

You can listen to the whole concert at Bimhuis Radio!!

We played with different constellations throughout our little jubileum tour : Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht), Lantaren Venster (Rotterdam), De Ruimte & Huis de Pinto in Amsterdam, Roscam (Bruxelles), Jazzathome Fest. (Mechelen) and Bimhuis (Amsterdam)